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Xiangyang Ju BEng MEng PhD MIEEE FHEA


NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde HQ - UK

Dr. Ju has research experience on 3D shape capturing and shape modeling over 30 years. He pioneered the development of high resolution 3D photogrammetry imaging system for 3D shape capture of live animals and humans; proposed a shape conformation approach (EPSRC grant GR/M47676/01) which conform an anatomical template model to the captured 3D model in order to establish dense correspondence between captured 3D models for 3D morphometric analysis. Under a Scottish Enterprise funded Proof of Concept project these techniques were further developed and provided the core IP to launch the company Virtual Clones (new Dimensional Imaging). Under BBSRC funded project (BBSRC 17/D1534), in collaboration with researchers from the Silsoe Research Institute, he refined the 3D conformation and shape analysis approaches to allow pigs to be 3D imaged during their growth phase and their 3D scans to be used to correlate their target meat/fat yield based on their genotype or dietary regimen. Based on the conformation approach, he further developed approaches to transferring 3D facial expressions from a generic model to individuals (RGU RDI 2006) and developed a novel approach to integrate shapes from multi-view 3D photogrammetry imaging systems. Now Dr Ju is working in the area of 3D/4D imaging for oral and maxillofacial surgery, lung cancer research; and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) image analysis for intravascular investigation and functional OCT on retinal studies.